The design of each pedal is developed and executed by Stomp Audio Labs, from the electronic circuit to the graphic design. Most projects start from scratch, sometimes we use a pedal circuit that we find particularly interesting. We always try to come up with singular proposals for each project, and even if it is impossible to reinvent the wheel each time, at least we add some special features that makes them stand out from the existing ones.

All our efforts are dedicated to the development of new projects, married with innovation and creativity. Every detail is extremely important so that the final product meets the expected prodigius nature. The Waves for example, was one of the first pedals we envisioned, back in 2012, it took over two-years-time between prototypes and tests to materialize. All of our pedals are handcrafted in Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais, carring the finest components in the world.

Alpha potentiometers, precision resistors and capacitors to generate special audio, plus some occasional caprices, of course. Such as our Germanium transistors manufactured in the Soviet Union and the Carbon Film resistors we hunted down just to produce the Mother of fuzz’s particular mojo.

All boxes are painted with professional electrostatic paint, and dried (yes, in an oven) for ourselves. They are Eco-friendly, look better and more resistant than liquid ink. Our boxes can withstand all kinds of punches, missteps, stage drops, and so on. The only part of the process that is outsourced the manufacture of the circuit boards.

Welding circuit boards by hand is a very imprecise process. So we design our own circuit boards and get a specialized company to forge them in two layers, with industrial precision, different colors and customized prints for each pedal. So far we have created green, black, blue, red and purple circuit boards. Every single detail matters, even the circuit boards, they are stunnig, foxy pearls.