Mr. Brown

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Mr. Brown


Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown has a creamy tone of burning valves, at the style of some classic british amps. It is a high gain crunch distortion with a versatile dual tone control. Its output volume is ridiculously high. It’s a great pedal for solos.

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Mr. Brown is our classy distortion. This pedal has so much class that we recommend you to plug it in for the first time smoking a cuban cigar accompanied by a 18 year old bourbon, while writing down some blues wearing a velvet tuxedo. After all, it will give you that fat tone you thought you’d only get with a nice pair of EL34 valves frying on the maximum volume.

Its circuit is a chef d’oeuvre. The filter, with two well interactive controls, varies the response of the mids and trebles, without harming the basses, which are vital for this type of distortion. The Tone controls the treble cut and the Bite controls the presence. With these two controls, the pedal fits perfectly with guitars of different pickups.

The volume (Level) is very high, making it a great booster for solos and also for getting that gorgeous saturation to any tube amp.

Its creamy Drive goes from a slight old rock’n roll crunch up to a powerful lead with a merciless punch, without any muddiness in your sound. Its versatile tone control can handle ‘American’ or ‘British’ styles of distortion, according to your taste. But even with all this power, it is still very transparent, keeping the nature of your guitar.

If you want to download the user guide, click here User Guide Mr. Brown

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Additional Information

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Dimensions 13 x 7.5 x 5.5 cm
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