Vecchia Custom 20


Vecchia Custom 20


The 20W Custom contains 2 EL84, 3 12AX7 and 1 EZ81 (rectifier).
Designed for the most demanding guitarists, it delivers 20W of pure British Rock, directly from the 60s and 70s, on two totally independent channels; the Clean Channel that contains the Volume and Tone controls; and the Lead Channel, that has the mid and treble bass controls, Volume Bright, Normal Volume and Master.


The Custom 20 is our all valve, 20W, handwired amplifier. It was designed to capture the vintage sounds from 60’s and 70’s British Rock delivering that unique old school power amp crunch, but in a much more comfortable volume level.
For this amp we choose to implement a simple two channel topology, that can be switched via an A/B Box. This grants the maximum flexibility, while keeping a vintage look and feel for the amp.
The Clean channel is extremely simple, yet undoubtedly useful. With only it’s Volume and Tone (which is by passable by the way) controls, it offers a rich and full bodied platform that goes along with any pedal. Place a Mr. Brown in front of it and you have an instant 80’s Rock machine, or maybe Mother of Fuzz, for those vintage 60’s psychedelic rock sounds. Or just crank it up to 10 and enjoy that raw tube distortion and enormous sensitivity that only this kind of preamp gives.
The Lead channel features a full eq. section, with Bass, Mids and Treble controls, plus a Master Volume and two Preamp Volumes, Bright and Normal, wired in parallel. This gives the ultimate flexibility for your sound. By blending the Bright and Normal volumes, you can go from sparkling clean to muddy sounds and anything in between. The Lead channel goes really well with boosters, whether you want even more gain or just use it a solo section.
The Custom 20 uses only the finest components available, F&T and Orange Drop Capacitors, Carling Switches, JJ Electronic Tubes, Japanese Carbon Comp resistors and so on. Our transformers are designed by us, with an oversized iron core and for superior reliability and broad frequency response.

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