The brand had its genesis at the lawn of the Federal University of Minas Gerais. “We were engineering students who longed for the perfect tone, we decided to develop the pedals of our dreams. The idea that started as a hoby, began to take greater proportions. We noticed the eagerness of our friends and colleagues to acquire some units, that’s when we knew this was an opportunity we ought to undertake.

“We created prototypes of all the existing effects, mountains of them. To master, compare, analyse and find out what we really admired. We boiled the results into eleven initial prototypes, our first B -sides, which were employed as the basis to test everything we had learned so far and to into final products. ”

“The next step was to design four pristine pedals: Juice, Cash, Mr. Brown and the Mother of fuzz. They were approved by the team and soon became the first line of Stomp Audio Labs products manufactured as lot No. 1 in January 2013. ”

“We went to Budapest, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Paris, where we developed and acquired expertise in different areas, we expanded our horizons and added value to the brand. These trips were fundamental to absorb new concepts, to feed our imagination, to face new experiences, which also generated some really cool projects.”

” Back in Brazil, between comings and goings, we launched other 3 Pedals: AMP, Waves and White Widow. Always foccusing on analog signals, applying our expertise in electronics, digital control and product development.”

Little by little the obstacles were surpassed until the company was stablished. As any start-up-tech-company, we faced a lot of challanges, sourcing material, importing, maitencance, legislation, not to mention the burocracy…until new members joined forces and composed a super squad. From there Stomp took shape and began to walk on it’s own feet.

Today the company has the support of professionals from diverse fields: Engineering and programming(these guys develop our electronic circuits); Graphic design; foreign trade; advertising; management; finance and public relations. Professionals from divergent areas, but music lovers.

” The year of 2016 is promising, Stomp Audio Labs has heavily invested in prototyping technology. The machinery provides creative freedom and infinite possibilities! We are working hard on developing new products, it is also crucial to ensure that our pedals always have the perfect pitch, that suits us! So be sure to keep up with us, we have many special projects on the way. 😀